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About us.

CURA Communications was launched in 2022 based on a simple premise; that managing the complex communications challenges faced by the psychedelics and mental health industry requires a team with deep sectoral knowledge, a dedication to the enterprise of bringing novel, safe, and effective treatments to patients, and a commitment to ethical imperatives that should guide the conduct of all those playing a role in the psychedelic renaissance.

A complex setting…

Buoyed by promising early clinical trial results and extensive media coverage, the psychedelic renaissance appears to have the wind in its sails. But, for companies operating in the sector the picture is significantly more complex. Declining share prices, difficulties raising capital, and concerns over inflated claims regarding research results and the potential benefits of treatments are among a plethora of challenges facing the industry.

A challenging set…

The integration of psychedelics into western medicine and markets requires psychedelics and mental health companies to manage a host of conflicting interests and forces. Maintaining long-term strategic focus, while addressing day-to-day business and stakeholder demands. Attracting investors while not overhyping. Navigating the tightrope of media, public and even celebrity fascination while not letting this undermine the critical need to lead with science and data.  Developing compounds and therapies that work in complex and not entirely understood ways while pursuing drug approval pathways less than ideally suited for psychedelic therapies.

Requires an experienced guide…

Our team combines firsthand mental health and healthcare sector expertise with decades of multidisciplinary experience in communications, public relations and public affairs: media relations; public opinion research; branding; digital and social media; stakeholder management; financial and investor communications and government affairs.

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